Academic Influence Ranking

Ranking. A new way of comparing

Search for academic authors, and check their standing compared to their peers according to the following new metrics based on page-rank algorithm:

  1. Influence - measures how extensively an author is cited by others
  2. Connection - measures how extensively an author co-authors with others
  3. Exposure - measures how extensively an authors publishes in high influence publication venues

Organizations (universities) are then ranked based on the authors currently affiliated with them

sample ranks

sample graph

Graphs. Visualise the data

Get more insights from the information. In addition to tabular data, we have created graphs to help visualisation, for example:

  • an author's co-authors, indicating their relationship (e.g. senior versus offspring) and their respective standings
  • an organization's profile based on authors affiliated with it
  • a venue's profile based on authors who publish in it

Are you an author? Claim your identity.

Claiming an author identity allows you to submit corrections to your affiliation and publication history.
To start correcting your author profile:

  1. Create an account using your official email address
  2. Submit an author claim
  3. Start correcting your details

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